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We are a free-to-use platform that is creating the next generation of NFT promotion and ticketing.

With the Ticketeame you will have a unique site for the purchase and sale of entrance tickets to events and shows with NFT

NFTs have created a revolution around the world by mixing digital art and collectibles based on blockchain technology. Its buyers number in the millions, selling in turn, generating a market valued in billions of dollars.

NFTs can be more than just digital art

Ticketeame wants to revolutionize the way tickets to events and shows are sold using NFTs, to benefit from blockchain technology that provides security, traceability, immutability and transparency.

NFT ticketing enables greater control

With the issuance of NFT tickets, event and show organizers will at all times have greater control over the sale and distribution of tickets thanks to smart contracts.

NFTs used as a vehicle for ticket sales provide an incredible layer of security that prevents fraud, due to the unique nature of this type of non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology, it makes it impossible to duplicate or counterfeit tickets.

The smart contracts behind the NFTs are self-executing pieces of code within a cryptographic network that govern certain rules for the transfer and resale of tickets, so the organizers would also control the ticket resale market ensuring a fair distribution of the tickets. tickets.

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Ticketeame is a platform that is being created to satisfy the needs of our clients (event and show promoters, artists and corporate clients) who will have exclusive benefits, without having to pay for it.

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We are multidisciplinary professionals who work to develop the best ticketing platform for events and shows with NFT.

Ricardo Lucena


Jesus Gonzalez


Victor Lopez


Laia Hinojosa


Monica Arquero


Juanra Liern

Financial manager

Oscar Dominguez


Map & Corporate


Ticketeame is committed to creating
an immersive NFT experience for your events.

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