What is an NFT?

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Since the creation of cryptocurrencies, the world has experienced a dizzying change in the financial field, thanks to blockchain technology. After years of programming cryptoassets, developers began tokenizing all kinds of real-world things, creating a new era in digital assets.
And collectible items could not be the exception, since for years valuable objects have been traded traditionally for very high amounts of money, which undoubtedly served as an incentive for developers to create NFTs or non-fungible 'tokens'.
NFTs are digitized versions of collectible items, ranging from works of art, to memes, tweets (on the social network Twitter, called X today), photographs, images and almost anything that can be tokenized, which have been certified through blockchain technology, which turns them into digital assets.
Thanks to the cryptography used in the development of NFTs, these digital assets become unique assets, forever stored on a blockchain. In addition, NFTs are digital assets that, through cryptography, can prove that the person who purchased them is their sole owner.
This gives it the ability to later be sold, transferred or transferred to third parties in the NFT markets, since the characteristic of fungibility (which cannot be spent as is the case with money) allows them to be traded since their value is determined by their characteristics. unique as is the case with works of art.
Its use is very simple and many companies are currently finding new ways to use these non-fungible tokens. At Ticketeame, we are developing this technology to use it in the issuance of tickets and tickets for events, which will allow us to efficiently manage the control of ticket sales to any show.

How do we do it?

Ticketeame uses 'smart contracts' for the issuance, sale and even resale of tickets to events, ensuring that each spectator is truly the owner of the ticket.

Ticketeame technology provides access to all the metadata information of the ticket that attendees acquire, as well as the sales and negotiation statistics of these NFTs in real time.

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